AU Small Finance Bank Took a New Step, Launched “Swadesh Banking” For Customers; Know What Will Be The Benefit

AU Small Finance Bank: AU Small Finance Bank, one of the largest small finance banks in India, has started a new facility for its customers, which the bank has named “Swadesh Banking“. The aim of this facility is to improve the level of banking in rural areas. It has been designed targeting farmers, self-employed or micro-enterprises. The bank is working on financial inclusion by taking advantage of its reach in rural areas.

What is the plan of AU SFB?

This small finance bank wants to take financial and digital inclusion to rural areas where economic growth is needed. With “Swadesh Banking”, the Bank is bringing together its Rural Branches, Banking Outlets, Banking Correspondents, Financial and Digital Inclusion Unit and Small and Marginal Farmer Lending Units under one leadership and authority to provide greater value to customers.

What will happen with “Swadesh Banking”?

This new facility will enable the Bank to offer customers more customized products, services and operations, which will be designed according to the needs of communities and businesses in rural areas. Under this, work will be done on providing digital solutions to local traders and shopkeepers under micro industries, making them financially literate, promoting local industries and local economic growth.

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