Indigo Air Fire: Air travel will Become More Expensive, Indigo Airline Will Charge Fuel Surcharge, Ticket Prices Will Increase

My Finance Guide:- Indigo Airlines will implement fuel charges for domestic and international routes from today i.e. from October 6, as a result of which flight ticket prices will become costlier by about Rs 1000. The company said that these charges will depend on the distance in the respective areas. This step has been taken amid the increase in jet fuel prices. Let us tell you that the airlines last imposed fuel surcharge in 2018, which was gradually removed after the fuel prices came down.

IndiGo on Thursday introduced fuel charge to compensate for rising ATF prices on domestic and international routes and said it will be effective from October 6, 2023. This decision has been taken following the increase in the prices of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), which have increased continuously in the last three months. IndiGo said that ATF forms a major part of an airline’s operating expenses, which necessitates fare adjustments to control such cost overruns.

Under the change in price structure, passengers booking IndiGo flights will have to pay fuel charge per sector based on the distance of the sector. Before this, airlines had last imposed fuel surcharge in 2018, which was gradually removed after the fuel prices came down.

This is How Prices Increase

  • There will be a fuel charge of Rs 300 for a distance of up to 500 km, which will increase to Rs 1000 as the distance increases.
  • For distance between 501-1000 km, Rs 400 will be charged extra.
  • Those booking tickets for distance between 1001 to 1500 km will have to pay an additional Rs 550 and for 1501-2500 km, Rs 650 will be charged.
  • Fuel charge of Rs 800 will be levied for distance between 2501 to 3500 km. Fuel charge for distance more than 3501 km will be Rs 1000.

Earlier this month, the central government had increased jet fuel prices by a little more than 14 percent, which was the third consecutive monthly increase. According to price notifications from state-owned fuel retailers, ATF prices were increased by 8.5 percent in August and 1.65 percent in July.

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