Investment Plan – Get ready, GOLD is Going to Give Tremendous Returns

Best interested short term investment plan

GOLD means investing in gold is never harmful but sometimes it becomes very beneficial. Once again such an opportunity is going to come. Gold has not given any significant returns for the last 6 months and has given zero returns for the last 3 months, which means that the time is about to come when the prices of gold will go upwards.

BANK FD- Possibility of getting 1 year interest in 3 months

Gold is considered the best and safest investment. There is no possibility of any kind of danger in this. 6 months ago the price of gold was ₹6,028 per gram. From then till today the price of gold is hovering around ₹ 6000 per gram. Festival season is coming soon. It is believed that at the beginning of the festival, the price of gold will remain stable but after Diwali, its graph may go upwards. Before this, gold prices may go down to ₹ 5900 or even slightly lower.

If this happens, it is estimated that within the next 3 to 6 months, gold can give returns equal to bank FD i.e. about 8%. By investing in gold, the same amount of interest that is earned in 1 year on a fixed deposit in a bank is likely to be earned in 3 months. This period can also be 6 months. That means, you should be prepared and whenever the price of gold goes below ₹ 5900, you should buy.

Disclaimer:- This information and forecast are based on the experience of shoppers in the bullion market. So please make an individual assessment before investing, and only then make your decision.

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