Retirement Planning: Invest Money in this Government Scheme, You Will Get Returns of More Than One Crore on Retirement

Do you also want to make your retirement financially strong? So this can be possible by investing in a government scheme. You can collect big funds by investing small amounts in the National Pension System (NPS Scheme). Investing in this pension scheme is not risky. Returns are also better than other government schemes.

Government scheme will provide returns of more than one crore

Let us assume that at present your age is 30 years. In such a situation, if you invest in the National Pension System every month, then you will have to invest Rs 60 thousand in a year. If you retire at 60 years, then you will have to invest Rs 18 lakh for 30 years.

At the age of 60, you will get a return of Rs 1,13,96,627 on the maturity of your investment. In which the principal amount of Rs 18 lakh and interest of the remaining amount Rs 95,96,627 will be included. The reason behind this strong return is the compounding interest received by the customers in the scheme.

You will get two options on maturity

In the National Pension System, you have two options at the time of retirement. One option is to invest your entire return in an annuity plan. Through which you will be given a fixed amount of pension every month.

In the second option, you can withdraw 60 percent of your entire return and make an annuity plan for the remaining 40 percent amount. Which means that whenever you retire, you will have to invest at least 40 percent of your returns in an annuity plan. So that you continue getting pension within a fixed period of time. In such a situation, you can get a pension of Rs 25 to 30 thousand every month.

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