Rocket Rise in This PSU Bank Stock! 20% Jump Seen in One Month, Do You Have Stock?

Bank of India’s stock has seen a rally of about 20 percent in the last one month. Market experts believe that Bank of India stock may double from the current level by continuing its upward trend. Because of which any investor can buy this stock from medium to long term perspective.

Bank Of India Stock Performance Last 3 Months

Talking about Bank of India stock, on August 16 of last month, this stock was trading at around Rs 89.55. After 1 month i.e. on 14 September 2023, this stock has reached the level of Rs 108.32. That means an increase of about 20 percent has been seen in a month. If we look at the performance of the last 3 months, this stock was at Rs 73.20 on June 26, 2023. Whereas on September 14, 2023, this stock reached Rs 107.35.

Expert’s comment on Bank of India

Commenting on Bank of India stock, Sujit Deodhar, Technical Analyst, Wellworth Share and Stock Broking Limited, says that anyone can buy and hold this stock for the next 6 to 8 quarters. Investors can keep Rs 65 as stop loss. Are.

Bank Of India Stock Technicals

According to expert Deodhar, if we look at the technical of Bank of India stock, strong buying signals are visible here as the stock has given a break out from the falling regression channel at the level of 103.50 on its monthly chart. On the other hand, a rise has also been seen in the PSU Bank Index for quite some time. Small PSU bank stocks have played a good role in this rise. The stock has given a fresh swing breakout at the level of 103.50 with strong volume.

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