Shares Of Dhanlaxmi Bank: Capital Doubled in Six Months, Shares of This Bank Will Make You Rich in a Short Period!

New Delhi: Dhanlaxmi Bank share- Even during the bullish period of the share market, on Friday, a weakness of one percent was being recorded in the shares of Dhanlaxmi Bank and they were functioning at the level of 31.95. The 52 week high level of Dhanlaxmi Bank shares with a market cap of around Rs 808 crore is Rs 34 while the 52 week low level is Rs 11.35.

Shares of Dhanlaxmi Bank, which have given 10 percent return to investors in the last 5 days, have traveled from the level of Rs 29.02 to Rs 32. The shares of Dhanlaxmi Bank, which has given 30 percent return to stock market investors in the last one month and 110 percent return in the last six months, were at the level of Rs 16.55 on Wednesday, May 31.

From the level of ₹15 on Monday, April 10, Dhanlaxmi Bank’s shares have made investors rich by giving them a bumper return of 120 percent. In the last one year, from the low level of ₹ 12, Dhanlaxmi Bank shares have given a return of 170 percent to the investors. The total business of Dhanlaxmi Bank has increased by more than 10 percent on year-on-year basis to Rs 24,101 crore.

There has been an increase in both deposits and loans of Dhanlaxmi Bank. In the second quarter of the current financial year, deposits of Dhanlaxmi Bank have increased by 8 percent to Rs 21857 crore, while loans have increased by 13 percent to Rs 1040 crore.

The CASA ratio of the bank has improved to 75 percent. The gold loan portfolio of Dhanlaxmi Bank has increased by more than 26 percent and has reached Rs 2596 crore. Established in the year 1927 at Thrissur, Kerala, Dhanalakshmi Bank provides a complete range of banking and financial services which includes retail banking, corporate banking and treasury operations etc. Stock market experts say that the shares of South India’s leading bank Dhanlaxmi Bank have great growth potential.

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