Side Income Secret Formula: The More Salary, The More Side Income, Want to Know What is the Secret Formula?

Do you want to have as much side income (Side Income Secret Formula) as your salary? So this is possible. Do you also want to know about this secret formula? For this you just have to follow one rule. By following which you can earn side income equal to your income.

Invest thirty percent of your salary

You just have to invest thirty percent of your salary. Whether your salary is low or high. If your salary is Rs 50 thousand, then you will have to save thirty percent of it i.e. Rs 15 thousand every month. If you can save more then the profit will also be more.

What to do with the savings?

Every month you have to invest the amount saved from your salary in mutual funds. Those whose salary is fifty thousand rupees, if they do SIP of Rs 15 thousand every month and continue it for at least ten years, then even at 15 percent return, you will get a return of more than Rs 41,79,800.

Increase in salary every year also increases investment

The amount mentioned above is as per the starting salary. But if it increases every year then you can also increase the amount of your investment. Suppose your current salary is Rs 50 thousand and you invest thirty percent of it i.e. Rs 15 thousand. So your salary will also increase in ten years. If you invest thirty percent according to the increased salary, you can earn a huge amount in a short time.

Good income can also be earned by saving only on the basis of job. But for that it is important to invest at the right time. After which a time comes when the interest amount becomes much more than your principal amount. Actually, saving thirty percent of the salary is a bit difficult. But saving can be done easily by maintaining proper balance between expenditure and income.

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