World Savings Day 2023: Start these 4 tasks from Thrift Day today, know the history and importance of today

World Savings Day 2023: Today, on 30 October, World Savings Day 2023 or World Thrift Day is being celebrated all over the world. If you also want to climb the stairs of your financial planning, then today is a good day. Saving is the first step in financial planning. The current geo-political situation is as it is, the world is witnessing two wars, inflation is continuously increasing and the situation may become more difficult in the future, in such a situation it is very important to take care of your financial health. Let us know the important things about this special day and what you can do.

World Savings Day 2023: History

It was started in the year 1934. 29 countries came together in Milan, Italy and the first International Savings Bank Congress was started. After The Great Depression, economies around the world were affected, after which it was started with the aim of instilling a sense of savings and financial security among the people. Initially it was proposed under the name World Thrift Day, Thrifting means spending less. Later it started being celebrated by both the names World Savings Day or World Thrift Day.

World Savings Day 2023: Significance

After the depression and recession, the virtue of saving and thrift was promoted among the people, but after the Second World War, people became more aware about it. People understood the need for financial security, it was necessary to do this for a better living standard, and this is applicable in today’s situation also.

What can you do on World Savings Day 2023

  1. Move towards banking and investment. If you do not have a savings account then open one.
  2. Start small investments. It is not necessary that you have to start with big investment. Post office also has many such schemes, which give you the option to invest money with very small amount.
  3. SIP is also an investment which gives you the option of investing a very small amount and there is a possibility of better returns here.
  4. Teach your children the virtues of savings and thrifting. Discipline regarding money is very important in children and it is very important to have this feeling from a young age. And to teach them, you first need to bring these qualities within yourself.

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