You will be able to make a UPI payment even if you have zero balance in your bank account, do you know what this facility is?

UPI Facility: At present everyone is making digital payments. All this is becoming possible through UPI. Through this you can make payment from anywhere at any time in a very easy manner. This is a popular mobile payment method for making digital payments. People are provided with this facility as new features are added. With these new features you can enjoy very easily.

In the Global Fintech Fest, NPCI and the country’s largest bank RBI had announced the launch of Credit Line on UPI service. Currently this service will be available only on some banks and UPI apps.

Know what is credit line on UPI

RBI had also announced to include prepaid credit lines for banks in the UPI system for transactions. In this, savings account, prepaid wallet, Rupay credit card and overdraft will be linked to the UPI system.

In this way, customers will get benefits in Credit Line on UPI. In this facility, even if the customer has zero balance in his account, he will be able to make UPI payment easily. This means that customers will be able to do UPI comfortably without any hassle. Before this facility, we had to check the balance from the bank account while making payment through UPI. Now after the arrival of this facility, we can make payments without any restriction.

This facility was started in 2016

UPI payment was started in the year 2016. UPI is operated by NPSI. This is a real time payment system. This means you can make instant payments anywhere. To make UPI payment you need mobile number, bank account number, QR code.

At the same time, if you face any kind of problem in making any payment, then a 24×7 helpline is necessary for complaints. Banking services in this app are availed all the time. Apart from this when we can do online shopping.

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